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The lighting fixtures market in Australia and New Zealand

December 2017, III Edition, 100 pages

The report The lighting fixtures market in Australia and New Zealand offers an in-deep analysis of the lighting fixtures market in Australia (third edition, over 65 pages) and an overview for the New Zealand one (third edition, 30 pages). A breakdown of the lighting fixtures market by segment (residential, architectural, industrial and outdoor) is provided for each country, together with activity trend and international trade data for the period 2011-2016. Sales data and market shares for over 100 local and foreign lighting manufacturers operating in Australia and New Zealand are also included.

The European market for emergency lighting

November 2017, II Edition, 58 pages

The second edition of CSIL Report “The European market for emergency lighting” offers an overview of the Emergency Lighting sector in 30 European Countries divided into eight clusters. Data on European production and consumption are provided by country and by geographical area. Activity trend is given as comparison with 2012 (previous edition of this Report). Emergency lighting fixtures sales and related market shares are provided for the major European and international companies operating in this market by considered countries. Short company profiles are also included. Financial data are showed in terms of turnover growth rate and EBITDA margin for selected companies

LEDs and the worldwide market for lighting fixtures

October 2017, VIII Edition, 189 pages

The Report, now at its 8th edition, provides estimated data 2011-2016 and forecasts 2017-2021 on consumption of total lighting fixtures and LED based lighting fixtures worldwide. About 70 monitored countries. A breakdown of LED based lighting fixtures sales is provided by country or geographical area, by segment (residential lighting and non-residential lighting), by product type and application. LED sales figures and related market shares are showed for the major companies operating in this market. An overview of OLED technology in the lighting fixtures market is included

Coming Soon

The lighting fixtures market in Russia

The report will provide an in-depth overview of the lighting fixtures business in Russia. It will analyze the latest developments and the future perspectives both at market and at company level.

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