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World trade of lighting fixtures

November 2017, XXII Edition, 261 pages

The twenty-second edition of “World trade of lighting fixtures” provides an overview of the international trade of lighting fixtures, with statistical figures on production, consumption, imports and exports at world level and data on the lighting fixtures industry of 66 countries, selected according to their contribution to the international trade of lighting fixtures. Main destinations/origins of exports/imports for each of the selected countries are provided, as well as imports and exports data for lamps and trade balance data covering the years 2011-2016. Data are also available in country-format.

LEDs and the worldwide market for lighting fixtures

October 2017, VIII Edition, 189 pages

The Report, now at its 8th edition, provides estimated data 2011-2016 and forecasts 2017-2021 on consumption of total lighting fixtures and LED based lighting fixtures worldwide. About 70 monitored countries. A breakdown of LED based lighting fixtures sales is provided by country or geographical area, by segment (residential lighting and non-residential lighting), by product type and application. LED sales figures and related market shares are showed for the major companies operating in this market. An overview of OLED technology in the lighting fixtures market is included

The lighting fixtures market in China

July 2017, X Edition, 185 pages

The 10th edition of The Lighting Fixtures market in China offers an accurate and in-deep analysis of the lighting fixtures industry in China, providing data and trends 2011-2016. From one hand, the report analyses the main trends affecting the market over the last five years, considering the production, the consumption, the imports and the exports of lighting fixtures in the country. On the other hand, it offers an analysis of the supply structure and the competitive system, an overview of the distribution system and the main players operating in the market

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The lighting fixtures market in Australia and New Zealand

Edition III, Year 2017: Market size 2011-2016, international trade, sales and market shares of the major players, distribution system, light sources

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