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The European market for lighting fixtures

April 2021, XXX Edition, 321 pages

In 2020, lighting fixtures consumption in the EU30 countries registered a -8.8% decrease. LED lamps registered a -7% decrease while Conventional lamps registered a -28%. To be added also, to reach a grand total for the Lighting market, an estimate of European market for Lighting controls of about 610 million Eur. Total Lighting market for Europe is so around 19.2 billion Eur for the year 2020. After the 2020 reduction, the market level of 2019 will be almost achieved again already at the end of 2022, and at the end of 2024 it will be somewhat 4%-5% over the 2019 level.

E-Commerce for the Lighting Industry

February 2021, V Edition, 80 pages

The E-Commerce market for lighting fixtures is estimated to account for about 7% of the world lighting fixtures consumption, corresponding to USD 9.1 billion in 2020 (including both B2C and B2B business), driven for 34% by wholesalers and for 32% by E-tailers. The highest incidence is reported for residential lighting where online sales account for almost 11% of the total market. North America and China are the largest markets in terms e-commerce penetration in the lighting business (with a share of 10% and 8% respectively).

The lighting fixtures market in China

November 2020, XIII Edition, 246 pages

The 13th edition of The Lighting Fixtures market in China offers an accurate and in-deep analysis of the lighting fixtures industry in China, providing data and trends for the period 2014-2019 and forecasts up to 2023. From one hand, the report analyses the main trends affecting the market over the last five years, considering the production, the consumption, the imports and the exports of lighting fixtures in the country. On the other hand, it offers an analysis of the supply structure and the competitive system, an overview of the distribution system and the main players operating in the market.

The world market for safety syringes

March 2021, I Edition, 50 pages

Governments and international organizations are leading the transition from traditional to safety-engineered syringes in health care settings. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has created an additional pressure to the makers of safety syringes to expand their manufacturing capacity in order to satisfy the demand generated by the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. The report aims at estimating and forecasting how these patterns will affect the syringe market.

Coming Soon

The European market for Healthcare Lighting

Surgical lights and general lighting. UV lamps. Activity trend 2015-2020 and expected trend. Market drivers. Connectivity, HCL and innovations.

The world market for Horticultural Lighting

Europe, USA, Asia. Greenhouses, indoor and vertical farming. Technological background. Activity trend and forecast. Production breakdown and market shares

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