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The lighting fixtures market in China

September 2023, XVI Edition, 205 pages

The 16th edition of The Lighting Fixtures market in China offers an accurate and in-deep analysis of the lighting fixtures industry in China, providing data and trends for the period 2017-2022 and forecasts up to 2025. From one hand, the report analyses the main trends affecting the market over the last five years, considering the production, consumption, imports and exports of lighting fixtures in the country. On the other hand, it offers an analysis of the supply structure and the competitive system, an overview on smart connected lighting trend, the distribution system and the main players operating in the market

The lighting fixtures market in the United States

June 2023, XVII Edition, 256 pages

The total US lighting market is estimated to be worth around USD 26 billion in 2022. This value includes lighting fixtures and lamps. The US lighting market during 2022 registers a 6.5% growth in nominal terms as for lighting fixtures (consumer, professional, outdoor), up to 23.2 billion USD. The lamps market registers a decrease (about -2.9%). The residential segment has grown well above the market average (+5.9% on average over the last five years). In 2022, the weight of Office and Entertainment on the overall commercial lighting market has declined, while Hospitality and Public premises grew. In 2022, the value of completed construction grew by more than 10 percent to nearly USD 1.8 billion

The European market for lighting fixtures

May 2023, XXXII Edition, 392 pages

In 2022, consumption of lighting fixtures in the EU30 countries registered a 8.3% increase, reaching a value of EUR 19.9 billion. Better results for commercial lighting (versus residential, industrial and outdoor), big players (with a 12% Ebitda), design oriented, area lighting, hospitality, contract (versus retail), linear lighting, emergency. More IP patents and acquisitions. Top 10 players hold a 30% market share. In 2022, the European trade recorded a deficit of EUR 5.9 billion, mainlyly from WE countries. Germany is the first European exporter of lighting fixtures, but also the first importing country. Italy is the second largest exporter and ranks first as net exporter. Around 15.5 billion the market value for LED lighting, 4.6 billion Eur for the Contract segment. Around 30 among the top 100 players (some 200 listed) overperformed the market

Lighting industry news

Reporting from LightFair 2022 in Las Vegas

LightFair 2022, Las Vegas, has been a success, after a 2021 edition (NY) that paid the uncertainty on pandemic situation

Market Concentration in the Lighting World

In the "lighting world" there are forces that push in the direction of a concentration of the market, as well as in the opposite direction
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