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Lighting Contract: top 300 architectural companies and lighting designers

March 2017, I Edition, 121 pages

There are today approximately 1,500 independent architectural lighting design practices / divisions operating throughout the world and this estimate is growing every year. Around 600 are active in Europe, 500 in America and 400 in Asia and Pacific. This Report profiles, through targeted short descriptions, around 200 top Architectural Offices and about 100 Lighting Designers, both primarily specialised in the lighting category and that have not lighting as their primarily focus, but that engage frequently in designing luminaires.  Where relevant, projects samples and co-operational activities have been highlighted. Mentioned companies are focused both on turnkey projects and small projects in the segments of hospitality (four and five stars hotels), luxury retail, office space, art & museums, high-end residential, entertainment. Each profile shows information on the following fields: Company name, Headquarter, Website, Main branches, Lighting partners, Recent projects, Projects in progress, Category, Size, Short history. Geographical areas covered: Europe, America, Asia and Pacific.

Financial analysis of 100 major lighting manufacturers worldwide

March 2017, I Edition, 153 pages

This Report provides an analysis of the key financial indicators for more than 700 balance sheet of medium and large lighting manufacturers for the period 2011-2015, broken down by geographical areas (North and Latin America, Asia and Oceania Area, European Area, and Other countries) and segments (Lighting fixtures, Automotive Lighting and Lighting Components). Moreover, it shows company rankings in relation to the main indicators from the balance sheet analysis (growth, profitability, structure data). Updated company profiles of largest companies by turnover are also given. Finally, the top 100 companies were selected from a sample of 713 companies on the basis of a synthetic indicator which includes the main profitability, performance and financial indicators.

E-Commerce for the lighting fixtures industry

March 2017, III Edition, 91 pages

The Report analyses the evolution of E-commerce sales in the lighting fixtures industry since 2012 (referring to a previous CSIL study on the E-commerce market) to nowadays and future perspectives. The Report is based on desk analysis and comparison for a sample of over 200 companies using E-commerce, as well as on the general documentation concerning lighting fixtures sector worldwide and E-commerce as a whole. Companies showed in the report include: lighting manufacturers, E-tailers, Distributors with e-commerce operations (bricks & clicks) and wholesalers. Countries and geographical area considered: Europe (mainly Western Europe), America (mainly the United States), Asia (mainly China, India and Japan).

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