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Smart cities and flagship stores: lighting fixtures

September 2021, I Edition, 208 pages

Profiles of 85 cities worldwide (ranked according to their business attractiveness) with a selection of economic and demographic indicators, and estimates and forecasts of the potential market for lighting fixtures. Analysis of the geographical presence of a selected sample of 100 brands, with a focus on lighting outlets

The lighting fixtures market in Japan

September 2021, V Edition, 124 pages

The report "The lighting fixtures market in Japan" offers an in-deep analysis of the Japanese lighting fixtures market (fifth edition, 124 pages). A breakdown of the lighting fixtures market by segment (residential, architectural, industrial and outdoor) is provided, together with activity trend and international trade data for the period 2015-2020. Sales data and market shares for over 100 local and foreign lighting manufacturers operating in Japan are also included

The European market for Healthcare Lighting

June 2021, II Edition, 114 pages

This is the second edition of CSIL Report on the European market for healthcare lighting. The information provided in this report is based on desk analysis and field analysis for two healthcare macro segments and its main products such as hospitals and dental studies, analysis of the activity trend in Europe and medium-term forecasts, an overview of the market drivers (such as demographic changes, healthcare expenditure, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, dental practices). It is provided also a market value by destination and by country and a list of the major players and weight on the overall lighting turnover.

The world market for safety syringes

March 2021, I Edition, 50 pages

Governments and international organizations are leading the transition from traditional to safety-engineered syringes in health care settings. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has created an additional pressure to the makers of safety syringes to expand their manufacturing capacity in order to satisfy the demand generated by the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. The report aims at estimating and forecasting how these patterns will affect the syringe market.

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The lighting fixtures market in China

XIV Edition. Market size by product and application, activity trend 2015-2020 and forecast up to 2023

The world market for Horticultural Lighting

Europe, USA, Asia. Greenhouses, indoor and vertical farming. Technological background. Activity trend and forecast. Production breakdown and market shares

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