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LED based lighting fixtures sales, 2015-2021

LED based lighting fixtures sales, 2015-2021 and forecasts

CSIL interviewed about 100 exhibitors among 1500 most relevant. Architectural, Outdoor and Industrial Lighting, Residential Lighting, LED lighting and others. Download the full articles to discover more

Architectural Lighting

Ridi operates several producing locations in Germany and a small factory in Poland. The focus of production in Jungingen is on Louvre luminaires, lighting systems, architectural lighting, and special luminaires...

Secto Design is a Finnish company specialized in design lamps made of local birch wood. Between 2020 and 2022, they experienced strong growth in their retail business driven by a booming in e-commerce sales.

Light-Point has been producing decorative lighting fixtures for indoor (60%) and outdoor (40%) spaces and for residential (50%) and commercial applications (50%)...Since the beginning of the 'Poldina' lamp, Zafferano has been recognized as one of the main operators in the market segment of LED and wireless lighting. With a consolidated turnover of over EUR 30 million expected at the end of 2021, the group has a consolidated presence in Italy and Central Europe...

Martinelli Luce reported good results in terms of revenues for 2020-2022. In terms of connectivity, they offer Casambi protocol and the Light You Light app...

Outdoor and Industrial Lighting

Benito Urban ranks third among the largest outdoor lighting providers in Spain. Their sales break down into 80% urban lighting and 20% large areas (mainly sports and stadiums). 2023 is going to be a very good year in Spain for outdoor public lighting sales as municipalities' elections will boost investments...

Petridis is the largest local manufacturer of lighting fixtures in Greece. Their sales include 70% indoor (40% residential, 40% Commercial, 20% Industrial) and 30% outdoor. 100% of their product is LED...

Established in 1984, Youngkong specializes in outdoor lighting fixtures (20% residential, 80% urban/architectural). In 2022 they launched their first fully connected urban pole lighting, Polestar. Fumagalli has a highly automatized plant for outdoor lighting (mainly residential, also street lighting up to 6 meters). Most of their products are LED, but they also offer some solar luminaires...

GMR Enlights specializes in the outdoor segment. Exports are mainly directed toward the Middle East. Turning to Modern with Dino Gavina expertise and LED lighting since 2009, 100% of the company sales come from LED products...

Robe Lighting operates with two brands: Robe (90% of total turnover), specialized in entertainment lighting, Anolis (10%), which focuses on theatrical (7%) and architectural lighting (3%). In May 2022, the company launched a new brand for outdoor applications: Calumma...

Founded in 1979, Olympia Electronics is the dominant Greek enterprise in the electronics safety and security industry. They offer wireless emergency lighting monitors that connect up to 1,000 luminaires. Fotodiastasi is one of the major European players in the Christmas and event lighting sector. Smart applications are worth approximately 25% of the company's turnover...

Tep Ex is a Croatian company specialized in explosion-protected electrical equipment... Vizulo, based in Latvia, is an international manufacturer of street luminaires, floodlighting, and professional lighting, with a focus on smart city concept development... Ragni has built a new warehouse in 2020, besides four branches, including Denver (USA) and Mostar (Bosnia). The group has strategic partnerships, like the merger with Novéa Energies, a French specialist in solar street lighting...Elkovo is a Czech manufacturer of technical lighting for offices, hospitals, and sport-areas (indoor).

Residential Lighting

Osmont is a Czech lighting manufacturer of interior and exterior decorative light fittings since 1991 with main destinations: hospitals, hospitality and schools... Turnover grew by 10%-15% during 2021 and kept increase by 5% during 2022... Nordlux is a Danish company with affiliates in Norway, Germany and in China. It specializes in decorative lighting (100% made in China)

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