COOKIE POLICY. Further Information about cookies
COOKIE POLICY. Further Information about cookies

The Data Controller, pursuant to art. 4, par. 1, no. 7 and art. 24 of the GDPR, that is to say the one who determines the purposes and means of processing is CSIL (VAT number: 04825320155), who can be contacted at: the registered office at Corso Monforte 15, 20122 Milan - Tel. +39 02 79 66 30 e-mail address:

Pursuant to article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), CSIL (hereafter the Data Controller), provides the following information regarding the cookies installed on the domain (hereafter the Website) or on other domains accessible through the Website.


What are cookies?

Cookies are text strings created by a server and stored on the computer's hard disk or on any device used by the User to access the Internet (smartphone, tablet), to then be retransmitted to subsequent Internet access by the User himself.

Cookies allow us to collect information on how the User browses our Website.

Cookies can be stored permanently on the User's computer for varying durations (so-called persistent cookies), but may also disappear when the browser is closed or be of a limited duration (so-called session cookies).

Cookies can be installed from the Website you are visiting (so-called first-party cookies) or they can be installed by other websites (so-called third-party cookies) and are used to perform computer authentication, session monitoring and storage of information regarding the activities of Users who access a website.

According to their scope, cookies can be divided into the following categories:

  • Browsing and functional cookies: used respectively for authentication and improvement of the User experience (e.g. memorisation of language preferences);
  • Analytical cookies: used by the Website manager to collect information about Users who visit the Website (e.g. pages visited, time spent on each, number of visitors);
  • Profiling cookies: used for advertising purposes for sending messages in line with Users' preferences collected during web browsing;
  • Social Cookies: used to allow interaction with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and to share the contents of the Website through social networks.

According to current legislation in Italy, an explicit acceptance of cookies by the User is not required if they are identified as technical, that is, aimed exclusively at transmitting a communication over an electronic communication network.

The General Measure "Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies - 8 May 2014" issued by the Data Protection Authority defines as technical:

  • browsing cookies that guarantee the normal navigation and use of the Website;
  • analytical cookies that are used directly by the Website manager to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and how they visit the Website;
  • functional cookies that allow the User to browse according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.

1. Cookies used by CSIL

Browsing and functional cookies

CSIL uses browsing and functional cookies on its Website to allow the User safe and efficient browsing and use of the Website as well as to improve the service rendered by the Website itself.

Analytical cookies

CSIL uses third-party analytical cookies on its Website to collect information about Users (number of visitors, pages visited, time spent on the Website, conversions etc.).

Social cookies

CSIL uses third-party cookies that allow Users to interact with social networks. In particular, the Website contains plugins for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). These plugins do not configure cookies, but if cookies are already present on the User’s computer, they are able to read them use them according to their relative settings. The collection and use of information by such third parties is governed by their respective privacy notices, to which reference must be made and which Users are invited to scrutinise.

The characteristics of the cookies used on the Site are illustrated in the table below.



Google Analytics

Third-party analytics
Used for analysis activities
Settings: Anonymization of the IP address; non-sharing of data with the third party (Google); etc.
Technical Session and persistent Policy of Google
Not required


Site management and to allow log-in functions

Technical session cookies

Valid for the browsing session



sarellanguage and saratlanguage

Facilitate browsing. The cookies identify the browser’s language setting

Technical functional cookies

Valid for the browsing session




Records the acceptance of the cookie policy

Technical browsing cookies

One year





2. Management of cookie preferences

When accessing any page on the Website and continuing browsing, by accessing another area of ​​the Website or selecting an item of the same, the User is consenting to the use of cookies. Consent to the use of cookies is recorded on a technical cookie.

3. Browsing and functional cookies

These cookies are essential for the operation of the Website and can be disabled only by opposing the registration of the same (by configuring the browser to disable cookies).

Below are ways to disable cookies using the main browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

However, after this operation the Website may no longer be available for consultation or some services or certain features may be unavailable or not work properly.

4. Social cookies

As required by Italian legislation on the protection of personal data, in cases where social cookies are used the prior consent of the User is required. Hence, when accessing any page of the Website, there is a banner that contains a brief privacy notice that informs the User about the acceptance of cookies. By closing the banner or continuing browsing, by accessing another area of ​​the Website or selecting an item of the same (for example, an image or a link), the User is consenting to the use of social cookies. To prevent social cookies, Users can use the abovementioned disabling methods provided by their browser or explicitly deny consent to their use by clicking on the relevant option and confirming the preference.

5. Communication and dissemination of data

Your personal data are not subject to disclosure or transfer.

Communication to third parties other than the Data Controller and the Managers - internal or external to the Company - identified and appointed in accordance with the articles 24 and 28 of the GDPR, is provided where necessary.

In any case, processing by third parties will be carried out in accordance with the principles of correctness, proportionality and necessity, as well as in compliance with the laws in force.

The data collected using cookies may be processed by employees and partners of CSIL, as authorised Data Controller and processors. This data may also be processed by companies trusted by CSIL that carry out tasks of a technical and organisational nature on their behalf. These companies are direct associates of CSIL and perform the function of Data Controller.

Specifically, as regards the processing of data carried out through the Website, the nominated Data Controller is Srl, with registered office in via Guglielmo Silva 36, 20149 Milano, VAT number 07188130962, and with operational headquarters in via A. Scarlatti 3, 20015 Parabiago, who is responsible for managing and maintaining the Website.
The data collected using cookies will not be disclosed.

6. Your rights

In accordance with art. 13, par. 2, let. b) of the GDPR regarding the processing of personal data, in order to guarantee correct and transparent processing, you have the following rights:

6.1. Right to obtain access to personal data (pursuant to art. 15 GDPR): in order to obtain from the Data Controller information on the existence or otherwise of data processing concerning you, as well as access to your personal data and information on the scope of the processing, the recipients or the categories of recipients to whom the data is transmitted.
6.2. Right to rectification (pursuant to art. 16 GDPR), to cancellation (pursuant to art. 17 GDPR) and to limitation (pursuant to art. 18 GDPR): in order to request that the Data Controller rectify and delete your personal data and restrict processing of the same.
6.3. Right to portability (pursuant to art. 20 GDPR): in order to receive in a structured, commonly used and automatically readable format, your personal data provided to the Data Controller and you have the right to transmit such data to another holder, provided that this operation is technically feasible.
6.4. Right to object (pursuant to art. 21 GDPR): in order to object to the processing of personal data.

To exercise any of the rights contained in art. 13, par. 2, lett. b) and e) of the GDPR, you may write to CSIL (VAT number 04825320155), with registered office at Corso Monforte 15, 20122 Milan; or by electronic mail to: You may also contact the Company by telephone on the following number +39 02 79 66 30

7. Right to complain and to appeal

Pursuant to art. 13, par. 2, let. d) of the GDPR and art. 140 bis of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, as modified by Legislative Decree no. 101/2018, it should also be noted that, if the processing of data is deemed to violate the European Regulation or the Code regarding the protection of personal data, a complaint may be lodged with the Privacy Guarantor, pursuant to art. 77 of the GDPR or, alternatively, an appeal made to the judicial authority.

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