Custom research
Custom research

Approximately 40% of CSIL's market research is carried out ON DEMAND. Custom research meets the specific needs of the client and the results are for its own use. They are based on a multidisciplinary approach, using both desk and field analyses. CSIL has a wide-ranging experience of working on projects of different scales and scope. It has partners and correspondents in around 20 countries including Brazil, China, India, Russia, the USA and all over Europe. Costs for customized projects are usually between 3,000 Eur and 30,000 Eur. Detailed offers, including budget and methodology, are provided for each request. Delivery time is usually 2-8 weeks.


Issues we address: Bird-eye on a potential market with a specific sector or thematic focus, recent trends and expected short and long-term developments
Tools: CSIL database, desk research, secondary data analysis, selected interviews, econometric models.
Expected results: key information for the decision about the ‘go or stop’ in a new business field or country, fact findings for production, investment and sales planning
Some recent experiences: lighting wholesalers in Europe, biannual surveys for consumer luminaires, OLED lighting in Europe


Issues we address: Supporting your strategy design in approaching new market opportunities (channels, investments, job recruiting, flagship products, purchasing process).
Tools: In-depth industry interviews, desk research, statistical data analysis.
Expected results: Recommendations on market entry strategy with action plan
Some recent experiences: Market approach in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey. The potential market for advanced Healthcare lighting. The Italian market for professional fire alarms


Issues we address: Tracking activities and initiatives of existing and emerging competitors, evaluating their impact and allowing the client to respond quickly and change their strategy. Company data are analysed within the sector’s scenario in order to understand its positioning, possible future developments and trends in market shares.
Tools: Usually three steps: company check-up, market environment, competitor analysis. Key tools are in-depth interviews with industries representatives, desk research, secondary data analysis, statistics.
Expected results: database for the client’s competitive intelligence, industry benchmarking, brand portfolio analysis, SWOT analysis.
Some recent experiences: Company profile of selected lighting fixtures manufacturers in Europe, competitive positioning for three brands in the design-oriented market, the napkins market.


Issues we address: Assessing the competitive advantage of products and selling strategy
Tools: Interviews with trade representatives, key testimonials ad trendsetters, mystery shopping.
Expected results: distribution channel assessment, test new products in terms of prices and product features.
Some recent experiences: the Potential market for new kind of flat glass, flame retardant fibres, classical versus contemporary lighting, ecological and standard thermoplastics, the candle market.


Issues we address: identifying the company guidelines for the future communication/product/service scenario, analysing design opportunities in terms of new products.  Innovation concept design.
Tools: tailored made design laboratories, workshops and seminars involving R&D, Production, Marketing and Design managers
Expected results:  design strategy, product/communication strategy, design research, design workshop training.
Past experiences: Clients include companies in Italy, Bangladesh, Thailand. CSIL Experts have also given training, workshops and consulting in Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the USA.


Issues we address: Investigating the degree of satisfaction of customers or other relevant actors; identifying the key factors affecting their (implicit and explicit) satisfaction.
Tools: Survey data coupled with advanced methods and tools for processing: Bayesian networks, CUB models for explaining feeling and uncertainty, Rasch models, decision trees, non-linear principal component analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, Control charts applied to customer surveys. CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) and Bulletin Board, by CSIL and EUMETRA.
Some recent experiences: Trade satisfaction in the Italian kitchen furniture market. Coming soon: Trade satisfaction in the Italian lighting fixtures market.


Issues we address: Development planning of local productive systems and group of companies for development agencies, consortia, and institutions
Tools: Supply and Demand Analysis, potential and actual market, strategic analysis of competition, SWOT Analysis, technical assistance for clustering policies, stakeholders mapping.
Expected results: analysing development policies (legal framework and projects) as well as production factors, comparative analysis of local productive systems.
Some recent experiences: Summer School on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects. Evaluation of EU Cohesion Policy.

LED lighting worldwide: trade and consumer satisfaction, understanding and acceptance of the technology

28 potential Reports: Consumer and Professional Lighting (home - offices and other leisure/activities places), seven covered countries (Italy, Germany, France, Russia, United States, Brazil, China). Methodology: 500 CAWI interviews and one interactive, online focus group (per country/ market segment). Staff: CSIL+EUMETRA. Reports on Demand, delivery six weeks. Already available previous editions of “Purchasing process of residential lighting fixtures in Italy” and “Distribution of residential lighting in Italy”.
Issues we address: Understanding how and if the consumer is satisfied with his own home lighting – in general and in comparison to the owned equipment– (market segment: HOME) and how much he is satisfied with the lighting of the places he attends for work/leisure or activities of daily living (market segment: PROFESSIONAL). And which are his wishes and expectations. All of this, by observing analogies and differences between countries, inquiring specific features of each one and detecting the historical and cultural roots.
Tools: Quantitative integrated methodology (online interviews, CAWI method – creation of synthetic indexes, benchmark data, Cluster Analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, etc.) and the qualitative one (Bulletin Board – online focus group, time-extended, asynchronous) per each country, per each market segment. It is a study in partnership with EUMETRA. 7 countries monitored: Italy, Germany, France, Russia, USA, Brasil, China.
Expected results: Analysis of the issues covered per each country and comparison among them, strategic guidelines for commercial activity and communication.
Prices: starting from 10,000 EUR per country/segment/tool. The overall budget can be shared. The methodology will be tuned whit Participants. Please contact us for a customized offer.

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