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E-Commerce for the lighting fixtures industry
March 2017, III Edition, 91 pages

The Report analyses the evolution of E-commerce sales in the lighting fixtures industry since 2012 (referring to a previous CSIL study on the E-commerce market) to nowadays and future perspectives. The Report is based on desk analysis and comparison for a sample of over 200 companies using E-commerce, as well as on the general documentation concerning lighting fixtures sector worldwide and E-commerce as a whole. Companies showed in the report include: lighting manufacturers, E-tailers, Distributors with e-commerce operations (bricks & clicks) and wholesalers. Countries and geographical area considered: Europe (mainly Western Europe), America (mainly the United States), Asia (mainly China, India and Japan).

The distribution of residential lighting fixtures in Italy
March 2007, I Edition, 130 pages

The past five years showed a decrease in number of lighting fixture specialists and an increase in the number and weight of wholesalers with lighting fixtures products on sale (estimated number of wholesalers is 300 with a market share of around 20%).

Process of lighting fixtures purchasing in Italy
December 2001, I Edition, 160 pages

This report studies the behaviour of the Italian consumers of lighting fixtures. The study is based on 420 telephone interviews with families who purchased lighting fixtures worth at least ITL 50,000 over the previous 12 months.

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