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The lighting fixtures market in Belgium and Luxembourg
May 2021, I Edition, 31 pages

Data on production, consumption and international trade for the years 2010-2020 and forecasts for the next four years. Lighting fixtures exports and imports by country and by geographical area of destination/origin. Analysis of the lighting fixtures market by segments (Residential-consumer, architectural-commercial, industrial, outdoor lighting), and by types of products and applications. Overview of the main distribution channels active on the Belgian lighting fixtures market. Competitive system and insight into the leading local and foreign players present on the Belgian lighting fixtures market.

The European market for lighting fixtures
April 2021, XXX Edition, 321 pages

In 2020, lighting fixtures consumption in the EU30 countries registered a -8.8% decrease. LED lamps registered a -7% decrease while Conventional lamps registered a -28%. To be added also, to reach a grand total for the Lighting market, an estimate of European market for Lighting controls of about 610 million Eur. Total Lighting market for Europe is so around 19.2 billion Eur for the year 2020. After the 2020 reduction, the market level of 2019 will be almost achieved again already at the end of 2022, and at the end of 2024 it will be somewhat 4%-5% over the 2019 level.

The European market for lighting fixtures. Part II
June 2018, VII Edition, 187 pages

This report offers an in-depth analysis of the lighting fixtures market in 13 Central-East European countries, plus a focus on international trade of lighting fixtures and comparison with selected country indicators for 5 countries of the Balkan Peninsula. It provides a breakdown by segment (Consumer and Professional lighting, indoor and outdoor), by products and applications, by light sources (LED and traditional sources) and by country (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia). It includes sales data and market shares for over 100 players updated to 2017, activity trend and international trade data for the period 2012-2017, and macroeconomic forecast up to 2019

The European market for emergency lighting
November 2017, II Edition, 58 pages

The second edition of CSIL Report “The European market for emergency lighting” offers an overview of the Emergency Lighting sector in 30 European Countries divided into eight clusters. Data on European production and consumption are provided by country and by geographical area. Activity trend is given as comparison with 2012 (previous edition of this Report). Emergency lighting fixtures sales and related market shares are provided for the major European and international companies operating in this market by considered countries. Short company profiles are also included. Financial data are showed in terms of turnover growth rate and EBITDA margin for selected companies

The European market for lighting controls and IoT
February 2017, II Edition, 87 pages

The Report provides figures and trends for the European market for lighting controls, analysing the sector performance, the competitive system, market drivers and major market players, with an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) trends for the lighting market, from wireless controls to Li-Fi technology. Product segmentation included: residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting controls applications. Subcategories of the mentioned segments have also been investigated (offices, hotels, private homes, shops, industrial plants, hospitals, urban landscape and streets…). Geographical coverage: in-deep analysis for 16 West European countries (around 85% of the market value), overview on Central-East Europe, Russia, Middle East and North Africa (15%).

The European market for Healthcare Lighting
April 2015, I Edition, 80 pages

This is the first edition of CSIL Report on the European market for healthcare lighting. The information provided in this report is based on desk analysis and field analysis for two healthcare macro segments and its main products such as hospitals and dental studies, analysis of the activity trend in Europe and an overview of the market drivers (such as demographic changes, healthcare expenditure, hospitals, nursing residential care facilities, dental practices and community pharmacies). It is provided also a market value by application and a list of the major players and weight on the overall lighting turnover.

The European market for outdoor lighting
December 2014, I Edition, 84 pages

The first edition of the CSIL report "The European market for outdoor lighting fixtures" has been produced using the following information sources:processing of CSIL information concerning the lighting sector at the European level; database of roughly 200 worldwide manufacturers operating in the European lighting industry; statistical and international trade data; overall documentation relating to the lighting industry available both online and offline.

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