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US Lighting fixtures market
Eigth edition of CSIL report on the lighting fixtures market in the United States
Breakdown of US Production of Commercial Lighting Fixtures by Destination 2011 2013. Percentage Shares

Recently, CSIL published the eigth edition of the report on the lighting fixtures market in the United States. 'LFI LightFair International' held this year in Las Vegas offered the opportunity to focus on this market. The value of the lighting fixtures market in the United States for 2013 is estimated by CSIL to be worth USD 17.1 billion, increasing by 5% on 2012. Pro capite spending for lighting fixtures of US consumer is about USD 53, some 10% less than the Japanese spending (source: CSIL estimates), 30% more than the spending in Germany, the UK and Italy, fivefold higher than in China.


The U.S. provides 13% of the world production of lighting fixtures and 21% of the consumption (formerly 24%). Imports satisfy about 50% of total local consumption (39% some years ago). Exports of lighting fixtures from the United States registered a +6.4% growth from 2008 to 2013. Growth rate has been lower (+3.3%) in 2013 on 2012. U.S. exports of lighting fixtures are mainly addressed to Canada (49%), Mexico (12%), and to a lesser extent to Saudi Arabia (+10% in 2013), Australia, China, and the United Kingdom. Strong export growth has been registered towards Mexico, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, and the Netherlands in 2013. Export of lighting fixtures is approximately 32% consumer and 68% professional lighting fixtures (35%-65% some years ago). Imports of lighting fixtures to the United States increased strongly between 2008 and 2013 (+7.3% on average per year). A more relevant growth (12.5%) has been registered for 2013 in comparison with 2012. Import flows of lighting fixtures come mainly from China (67% of market share) and Mexico (with a market share close to 17%). Canada is the third trade partner with a 4.4% market share and a stable trend between 2008-2013. Imports of lighting fixtures from Taiwan are on the rise. Imports from Europe, especially from Germany and Italy, are also relevant.


Top 50 players hold the large majority of the U.S. market for lighting fixtures. Out of top 50 players, 18 are mainly involved in residential lighting, 17 in commercial lighting, 7 in industrial and 8 in outdoor lighting. Acuity is in top position, holding 11% of the market. Philips Lighting is in second position. New products include BoldPlay ("Most Innovative Product of the Year" at LFI Las Vegas, for office spaces), Day-Brite's wireless control technology, new additions at the Lumileds' Luxeon family, solar solutions for pedestrian and other outdoor large spaces, changing colour Sky Ribbon for Hospitality, CrispWhite and single optics technologies for Retail spaces, luminous textiles and a prototype of "lighting sculpture" made by OLED modules. Home Depot (with a mix of traded brands and private labels), Hubbell, Generation Brands, Juno, Lowe's, GE Lighting, LSI, Osram and Cree are other relevant actors, holding together almost 20% of the market. In 2013 strong growth has been registered by Cree, Amerlux, Littmann, ETC, Columbia, AZZ, Intense. Among the leaders, a robust growth (upper single digit) is registered by Acuity, Cooper, Hubbel, GE. Top 50 European players include Eglo (consumer lighting), Selux-Semperlux, Xal, Artemide, Hess and the giant retailer IKEA. Among the main Chinese players in the U.S. market, we mention ETI Solid State (U.S. is the second exporting market after Japan, both lamps and luminaires), Everlight (Taiwan based, growing in the US mainly on fixtures, thanks also to the acquisition of the Wofi German brand), Tospo (previously lamps, now growing on fixtures), Unilumin (outdoor), Neo-Neon (entertainment), JK Yaming (brand Resilient for the States, including plasma, indiction and solid state for hard-to-access areas and high illumination). Among the big players that only recently got certifications: Violet, Yaships. Double-digit growth for commercial luminaires during 2013 was recorded by Acuity, Cree, ETC, Intense, Littmann, Atlantic Lighting, Columbia Lighting, Jesco, Lumenpulse, Wac Lighting. Production and consumption of industrial lighting fixtures are estimated in USD 1.5 and 1.9 billion, respectively. 2013 registered +8% increase in terms of consumption (now again at 2011 level). Acuity operates through the brands Lithonia (emergency, high bay luminaires), Holophane and Hydrel (both floodlighting products). Holophane is active also in Spain and the United Kingdom. Strong growth in industrial lighting during 2013 has been registered by Acuity Brands, AZZ Inc, Rigid Industries, Columbia, Barron, SPI Lighting, and Lumitec. Production and consumption of outdoor lighting in 2013 were estimated respectively USD 3.0 and 3.7 billion, increasing by +5%. Double-digit growth for outdoor luminaires during 2013 was registered by Acuity Brands (according our estimates), Cree, Juno, ThornZumtobel, KMW Gigatera, Lumenpulse. American companies like Visionaire Lighting, US Architectural Lighting and Sun Valley Lighting, Vista Lighting and B-K Lighting (now offering architectural dimming with a powerful 6000 lumen output) focus their activity exclusively on the outdoor lighting segment. Production and consumption of consumer lighting fixtures (indoor and outdoor) are estimated respectively USD 1.4 and 4.3 billion. Consumption registered a +3% increase in 2013. Consumer luminaires weight 40%-45% on the overall import of lighting fixtures.

Home Depot is the main Home Improvement chain in the States, with turnover in excess of 70 billion USD. LEDs weight around 20% for bulbs and just a few percentage points for fixtures. Sales grew by 7.5% in the States during 2013. Ecommerce (+50%) is at 3.5% of overall sales. Lowes is the second Home Improvement chain in the States, with a turnover in excess of 50 billion USD (+4% in 2013). Turnover of lighting equipment is around 2 billion USD and at least 600 million USD are lighting fixtures. LED products are around 10% both for bulbs and equipment. accounted for approximately 1.5% of total sales.

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The lighting fixtures market in the United States

LFI Light Fair International
The trade show takes place every year in a different location. In 2014 it was held in Las Vegas from 1 to 6 June. Next year it will be hosted in New York. LFI is held in collaboration with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). The LFI 2014 show covered 239,800 net square feet and recorded 576 exhibitors, including 107 first-time exhibiting companies and 103 manufacturers headquartered outside the U.S. were registered. The LFI 2014 attendee population of 26,059 professionals included representatives from 74 countries. The 2014 LFI Conference programme offered more than 220 hours of education and contained 81 accredited courses, making it the largest Conference in LFI history. LFI introduced two Forums this year - the LFI Healthcare Lighting Forum and the LFI Hospitality Lighting Forum.


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