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World Scenario
Lighting Contract: top 250 architectural companies and lighting designers
March 2022, IV Edition, 170 pages

This Report profiles around 100 top Architectural and Design Offices and over 150 Lighting Design practices, either primarily specialized in the lighting category or that have not lighting as their primarily focus, but that engage frequently in the design of luminaires. Mentioned companies are focused both on turnkey projects and small projects in the segments of retail and luxury shops, hospitality, office, private residences, entertainment spaces, marine, large infrastructure, and art and museum venues. The first part of the Report is dedicated to the analysis of these segments, as well as the study of the size of the contract market and the competition system of the top lighting players. Geographical areas covered: Europe, America, Asia and Pacific

The world market for outdoor lighting
December 2021, V Edition, 219 pages

This study provides a full analysis of the outdoor lighting market worldwide (70 countries considered plus an estimation of the market value in the Rest of the World). Market size, activity trend and short-term forecast, sales data, company profiles and market shares of the leading players are provided for 6 product groups and over 10 geographical clusters. The Report includes profiles of 85 cities worldwide with a selection of economic and demographic indicators and hard facts on the potential market for outdoor lighting fixtures.

LEDs and the worldwide market for connected lighting
November 2021, XII Edition, 189 pages

Estimated data on consumption of total lighting and LED-based lighting for the years 2014-2020 and forecasts for the years 2021-2024; world trade statistics of lighting fixtures and lamps; quantification in volume of main products and reference prices; an analysis of main destination segments; estimated stock of LED lighting and connected items; analysis of distribution and profitability; short profiles, sales data and market shares of top players for LED Lighting as a whole, by segment and by geographic area; overview of the main suppliers of LED packaged and chips, LED drivers and modules worldwide

The world market for Horticultural Lighting
September 2021, I Edition, 80 pages

The Report "The world market for Horticultural Lighting", at its first edition, aims at better understanding the global market for horticultural lighting, its competitive landscape, and the new opportunities arising from the growth of the agritech business.

Smart cities and flagship stores: lighting fixtures
September 2021, I Edition, 208 pages

Profiles of 85 cities worldwide (ranked according to their business attractiveness) with a selection of economic and demographic indicators, and estimates and forecasts of the potential market for lighting fixtures. Analysis of the geographical presence of a selected sample of 100 brands, with a focus on lighting outlets

E-Commerce for the Lighting Industry
February 2021, V Edition, 80 pages

The E-Commerce market for lighting fixtures is estimated to account for about 7% of the world lighting fixtures consumption, corresponding to USD 9.1 billion in 2020 (including both B2C and B2B business), driven for 34% by wholesalers and for 32% by E-tailers. The highest incidence is reported for residential lighting where online sales account for almost 11% of the total market. North America and China are the largest markets in terms e-commerce penetration in the lighting business (with a share of 10% and 8% respectively).

World trade of lighting
October 2020, XXV Edition, 272 pages

The twenty-fifth edition of the "World Trade of Lighting" provides an overview of a flourishing sector. In 2019, the world trade of lighting fixtures between the 70 countries covered by the report (representing the whole global production and 98% of global consumption) has been estimated in approximately US$ 43 billion of exports and US$ 41 billion of imports. Relatively to the previous year, the world trade experienced a significant contraction in both imports (+5.1%) and exports (+8.4%), well below the five-year market trends. According to CSIL forecasts, the worldwide market for lighting fixtures is expected to contract by 7% in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The report also analyses the world trade of lamps, characterised by the increasing importance of LED technology.

Financial analysis of 100 major lighting manufacturers worldwide
February 2019, II Edition, Excel DB and executive summary of 44 pages

The aim of this report is to assess the “state of health” of the lighting industry, highlighting the recent trends and structural characteristics of the sector through the analysis of the balance sheets (key financial indicators, profitability and structure ratios, employment data) for the years 2013 to 2017 of a group of 800 companies based worldwide, broken down by geographical area, lighting segment, turnover range. The top 100 companies (“Best in class”) were selected from a sample of 800 companies on the basis of a synthetic indicator which includes the main profitability, performance and financial indicators, and reported separately as Big (over 50 million USD turnover) and Small players

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